Source Code Repository

Our DevOps consulting helps you choose your code repository tool that facilitates hassle-free code management and allows multiple engineers to work on the same project

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Our DevOps services aid you keep your existing data, resources, and configurations safe and secure by archiving them so that they don’t get lost accidentally .


Secure passwords tuned for RBAC and manage certificates across all hybrid-cloud environments with the right security tools.

Continuous Deployment

In our DevOps implementation, we put the most suitable tools for continuous delivery and verify all code changes and updates before deploying to customers.

Security Scanning

We provide DevOps solutions that keep your software safe from bugs with the right security scanning tools that look into source code and container images.


Call Center

We are leaders in providing consultancy services with a set of cutting-edge technologies and a team of experienced and renowned professionals. These are some options that you can hire.

Account Receivable Management

Considering the rising number of ‘delinquent’ & ‘flawed’ customers or clients, debt recovery has become a critical concern for banks, credit lending firms, and others operating in the financial sector.

Human Resource Outsourcing

One of the major requirements of the industry and to the outstanding customer experience is that of not making the customer wait to be able to connect for any information or a resolution.

Quality Assurance and Testing

While the essential principles of Quality Assurance remain the same, the rapid growth of technology and the rise of newer platforms have drastically transformed the technicalities of performing QA.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Customers with problems or questions want your attention and they want it now. Meeting the customers’ expectations with knowledge, responsiveness, and personal connection is the key to delivering your brand promise.

Inventor and Shareowner Services

We offers capable and efficient back office services that provide your shareowners with what they need and expect. From technical support for accessing accounts to maintenance, share transfers, certificate issuance and more

Sales and Fulfillment

Assist members for their Queries, Requests and Complaints related to their Online and In-Store Shopping experience. Perform CSAT calling with members to get real-time feedback on store performance against various parameters.

Back Office Support

Demonstrated experience in offering high quality, cost-effective and secure back-office services to client’s helping them optimize operations, increase business efficiency and boosting the bottom line.This approach has benefited lot of our clients across the globe.

Market Research and Analytics

Ever-changing customer preferences and competitive markets drive the need for informed, accurate and up-to-the-minute product and service research.Effective market research targets qualified respondents to make intelligent queries and accurately records response data.

Technical Support

When your customers face issues with your products/services, how quickly and proactively you provide the resolution reflects your customers’ notion about your brand and determines brand loyalty.As part of our outsourcing services suite, each project receives dedicated operations management, QA and Training staff.


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